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Yes, Africa got B-Boys too.

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Many Senegalese can’t afford more than one pair of shoes (some can’t even afford that) so they break in flip-flops or barefoot so they don’t scuff their kicks…now that’s gangster. Shit, I can’t even go to the bathroom without house shoes!

These videos feature the B-Boy crews ‘Soul, Body, Ground‘, Prostyle & Galsen Methodz

They got B-Boys in Nigeria and South Africa too…oh, and who can resist Mapouka


Gorilla King; Tha Verbal Assasin

December 4, 2009 2 comments

This video is actually from Gambia, a little country that is bordered by Senegal on 3 sides. Gambians and Senegalese share some common ethnicities and languages. However, unlike the Senegalese who were colonized by the French, the Gambians were colonized by the British so they are natural English speakers.

Kunta Kinte from “Roots” was from the Gambia.

Her Name is Sister Fa…

December 4, 2009 1 comment

These videos feature Sister Fa, a very popular female MC in Senegal. The 2nd & 3rd videos are 2 different visual depictions of the same song. The track is called “Milyamba” and it is about the hardships of women in the countryside of Senegal who have a hard life compared to many of the women in the big cities. The last video is about the positive impact of HipHop on society.

Check out these female beatboxers in Germany.

While we’re at it check out one of the sickest MC’s, female or otherwise, to grab the mic in awhile…TIYE PHOENIX.

Graffiti Galsen

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The streets of Senegal are filled with graffiti…religious graffiti, political graffiti, random graffiti and HipHop style pieces and murals. Graff doesn’t have the stigma there as it does here in the states. I was told by a local that it is legal…I don’t know how accurate that is but the authorities do little to stop it if they do anything at all.

One of the most prolific writers goes by the tag “Docta Wear” of the Doxandem Squad who I actually met while randomly cruising the streets of Dakar. The Doxandem Squad is part of a public project educating people about health issues through their graffiti art.

More graffiti in Dakar.

An Introduction to Senegalese HipHop…

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There is a lot more talent coming out of Senegal than just MC Solaar and Akon. With this blog we hope to expose some of the lesser known Senegalese HipHop artists making noise in their country and internationally, with that said, here is a quick introduction to Senegalese HipHop…

Jamm ak Salaam // “Peace & Peace”