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Egotrip – Batine & Simon


Last Poets & Gokh-Bi System Dropping Knowledge on African HipHop

If you don’t know about the Last Poets you are seriously slippin’.
Get your knowledge up:

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Calvin Scott & Pinal Gang – Fo Nekon

May 16, 2010 1 comment

This is a crew out of Pikine a suburb of Dakar.

Senegal slang: At the beginning of this video they say “sai sai“, this means a bad person, a ‘player’, a womanizer, etc. The term is mostly used as a dis but sometimes it is used as a badge of pride. It is mostly applied to males but I have heard women being called that as well. Although I have never heard it used it in this way I had read somewhere that it is also a euphemism for AIDS. Another slang that I have only heard exclusively used to refer to females is “chagga” which means ‘bitch’ or prostitute.

La Violence a Pris le Pas – La Brigade

my bad google translation: “The Violence Has Taken the Step” – The Squad

This is a French HipHop group…some of the members are of Senegalese origin.

B-Boy France 2009 B-Boy Quarter Final