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Rise In Power: RAMM:ELL:ZEE (via UpJumps The Blog)

reposer en paix…HipHop légende Rammellzee!

HipHop legend Rammellzee made his transition back to the Essence today. He was a Graffiti Writer, performance artist, sculptor, lyricist & musician. His work was featured in the documentary Style Wars and he appeared in the cult classic movie Wild Style. REST IN PEACE … Read More

via UpJumps The Blog

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Now What You Hear Is Not A Test… (via UpJumps The Blog)

Check out our new sister blog: UpJumpsTheBoogie…

Welcome to UpJumps The Blog, the blog for The focus of this blog is all about the Recognition, Appreciation & Preservation of HipHop culture. This blog, as well as the website, should serve as a resource for those seeking knowledge and understanding of HipHop. This will also be an excellent resource for those already in the know. This is a community and we welcome all of your questions and comments! Until next time…PEA … Read More

via UpJumps The Blog

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Walawalabok – Ilegalsen

June 20, 2010 1 comment

Another track done in both English and Wolof…

Xuman – Kill The Dance

Xuman spits this track in English with a raw ragga flavor…very nice!

Positive Black Soul – PBS f/KRS-ONE (1997)

Senegal HipHop OG’s with the legendary Blastmaster KRS-ONE…

Fata – El Presidente