SeneRap Galsen, or HipHop Galsen depending on which link you used to get here, is a blog created by me (you can call me ‘Amadou’) to promote two things I love; my “adopted” country, Senegal and HipHop culture. Put the two together and you get what locals call “SeneRap”. Don’t let the term lead you to think that Senegalese HipHop is just about rap music though…all the elements of HipHop are represented in Senegal.

There are already a few sites out there for Senegalese HipHop but I wanted to make one for us English speaking toubabs (foreigners), for those of us who already know about the scene and for those who are just learning about it.

From time to time I may post other genres of Senegalese music, HipHop from other parts of Africa or from the African diaspora around the world…but mostly the focus will be on straight up Senegalese Hiphop.


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