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Last Poets & Gokh-Bi System Dropping Knowledge on African HipHop

If you don’t know about the Last Poets you are seriously slippin’.
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Graffiti Galsen

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

The streets of Senegal are filled with graffiti…religious graffiti, political graffiti, random graffiti and HipHop style pieces and murals. Graff doesn’t have the stigma there as it does here in the states. I was told by a local that it is legal…I don’t know how accurate that is but the authorities do little to stop it if they do anything at all.

One of the most prolific writers goes by the tag “Docta Wear” of the Doxandem Squad who I actually met while randomly cruising the streets of Dakar. The Doxandem Squad is part of a public project educating people about health issues through their graffiti art.

More graffiti in Dakar.